Hyojun Hyun

1983 Born in Mungyeong, South Korea.
2002 Moved to Seoul to study painting at the Hong-Ik University.
2010 Moved to Glasgow in Scotland to take part in the master of the fine art programme at the Glasgow School of Art.
2013 Moved to Maastricht in the Netherlands as a fine art researcher at the Jan Van Eyck Academie.
2014 Lived in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
2015 Moved to Berlin in Germany by coincidence for his solo show Strange Days at House of Egorn

I explore various pictorial languages reflecting on the history of painting, which I find the ideas in modern daily life, such as torn-off posters, faded graffiti, and doodles on the wall. The idea also came from the studio-based work while studying abstract paintings. Those submitted works are in the process of discovering my pictorial language but also exist independently.

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