Lara Wilde

After studying in Norway Wilde came to Berlin to study audiovisual media at Beuth Hochschule as well as psychology at Fernuniversität Hagen.
Focussing on fine art photography she began in 2016 to photographing strangers at night, which evolved into her first international recognised project: exposed landscapes.

Winning the title of ND people photographer of the year, the Vonovia award for photography and being on the shortlist for the Sony World Photography awards as well as the Zeiss Photography award, she had her first solo exhibition at Bickblikk Gallery in Norway. Group exhibitions in the Bochum Kunstmuseum, Kommunale Gallerie Berlin or Somerset House in London followed.

As a photo-based artist my work evolves around portraying and distorting the world around me. Generating scenic worlds, mostly with light-painting and other light manipulation techniques is the technical basis of what I do.
My themes evolve around raw human emotion and the complexity of the outside world.

To understand the wonders of how we get through life in mostly one piece is what interests me most. Life is unimaginably messy, but in all that mess, there is something calm. For this I dive into the realities of strangers, with the spirit of documenting their truth I leave the general reality behind.

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